Workshop Overview:

It isn’t the editor’s job to fix things – yet writers and filmmakers do things that create a world of “fix it in post.” Learn from the experience of an editor to take a few steps in the editor’s shoes and utilize the perspective of post production throughout all of development, pre-production, and production. This includes having a good grasp of various types of shots to provide the most possible coverage for the edit, and understanding how to research for a wider film vocabulary yourself, and the value of having hands-on experience as an editor for all aspects of continuity, sound, coverage, and story.

Our Guest Host for this workshop is Spaceship, Executive Vice President of Space Dream Productions.
Utilizing the editor’s perspective and influence early in production to save time, money, and headaches!

Spencer "Spaceship" Shipton
Spencer “Spaceship” Shipton

Spaceship is the Executive Vice President of Space Dream Productions, an independent film and music production company with a focus on creating true to the world of independent art: telling stories that need to be told, and creating music that needs to be heard. Since Sept 2016, over 60 projects have moved (or are moving) through the company. 21 completed projects have received over 50 film festival acceptances internationally, received just under 70 award nominations and 24 awards, including “Best Animation,” “Best Drama: Short” “Best Short”, “Best Picture.” Both Spaceship and his partner and wife Koura Linda, have been awarded “Best Director,” for 3 different films. Spaceship has been writing, recording and releasing songs for a few years now, as well as performing at American venues on both east and west coasts (including The ASCAP Music Cafe at Sundance 2020, Johnny Cash’s Hideaway Farm, The Viper Room and, more famously, His Bedroom.)Aside from recording his own original music, he is also an Audio Curator, and contributing artist to 2 Emmy Award wins for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s production company hitRECord. His songs “The Spaces Between” and “Of The Future” were produced for the Emmy Award-winning TV series Hit Record on TV. His work was also used in the Emmy Award-winning YouTube Original Series “Create Together” by hitRECord. Spaceship is proud to have worked with artists from all around the world on major promotional campaigns for LG and Samsung and the U.S. National Park Service (just to name a few). He directed Space Dream Productions’ short film “Tidings”, which won the 2020 Miami 48 Hour Film Project and earned a slot at Filmapalooza 2021.

You can find out more about Space Dream Productions by clicking below.

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