The Business of Indie Filmmaking – Making the jump into the Industry. This workshop is geared towards emerging filmmakers, film students and indie short filmmakers looking to make the leap to features or series.

Topics covered:

  • Writing a script that will sell
  • Analyzing the market
  • Structuring a pitch
  • Budgeting & Investors
  • Attaching Name talent
  • Working with Unions
  • Making a movie that makes business sense
  • Understanding distribution.

The Organization of Independent Filmmakers invites you to attend this exciting Workshop!
Our guest host for this workshop is Matthew Manyak. Add block

Matthew Manyak
Matthew Manyak

Matthew is a full-time self-employed filmmaker, as well as a Marketing Specialist.
Matthew is an award-winning filmmaker of 25 shorts, 3 series, 4 features and has written 14 screenplays so far in his career.
He is looking forward to sharing with you what he wished he knew when he first started making films.

You can follow Matthew Manyak on Facebook by clicking below.

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