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How Filmmakers Got Their Start

This workshop was held on Thursday, February 9, 2023 at 7:00PM. At The Wayne Densch Theater in Sanford, Florida. We were happy to have presented another great event in Central Florida where a diverse group of attendees were able to enjoy seven locally-produced short films and later interact with four of the filmmakers on stage… Continue Reading How Filmmakers Got Their Start

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The Business of Indie Filmmaking

The Business of Indie Filmmaking – Making the jump into the Industry. This workshop is geared towards emerging filmmakers, film students and indie short filmmakers looking to make the leap to features or series. Topics covered: Writing a script that will sell Analyzing the market Structuring a pitch Budgeting & Investors Attaching Name talent Working… Continue Reading The Business of Indie Filmmaking

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How To: Not Have To Fix It In Post

Workshop Overview: It isn’t the editor’s job to fix things – yet writers and filmmakers do things that create a world of “fix it in post.” Learn from the experience of an editor to take a few steps in the editor’s shoes and utilize the perspective of post production throughout all of development, pre-production, and… Continue Reading How To: Not Have To Fix It In Post

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How to Make a Great Film on a Deadline

With so many elements going in to every step of creating a film, what are the key points to check when rushing a project through from development to completion? In this workshop, we will cover how to make a great film on a deadline and give you an over-all understanding of the tent pole aspects… Continue Reading How to Make a Great Film on a Deadline

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Cinematic Lighting Workshop

The Filmmaker Workshop Series This is an archived workshop page. Workshop #3 in this series. (Previous live Workshops were not recorded). Trent Duncan Trent Duncan is an award winning Filmmaker and Navy Veteran. Graduating from Valencia’s Film Program in 2002, Trent has spent many years becoming very diverse in all the fundamental aspects of filmmaking.… Continue Reading Cinematic Lighting Workshop