The FILM CRAFTS ORGANIZATION (FCO) is a diverse and open organization promoting education, development and opportunities for talent, crew, and other individuals in film arts.

From new entrants in the field to veteran filmmakers, we hope to help share experiences and expand upon the knowledge base of the craft so all may benefit.

Independent filmmakers and artists are welcome to participate in programs and events we sponsor.

Talent and Crew of all levels are welcome. If you want to learn more, improve your craft, network and engage with other like-minded artists and filmmakers, you’ve come to the right place.

FCO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

The Mission of the FILM CRAFTS ORGANIZATION is to promote learning and participation in Cultural Arts, with a focus on film.  We aid in facilitating participation in Film and related Arts and enable people to gain real-world experience while encouraging the development of artistic expression.

Our main methodology for advancing this mission is by creating and managing programs that encourage collaborative environments where knowledge, practice and share experiences with each other.

Our primary mission objective is to provide educational resources, practice opportunities, and facilitate networking in film arts.

Boy Sitting on a chair eating popcorn with the Film Crafts Organization Slogan overlaid: Experience - Educate - Engage





Promoting activities that help individuals gain hands-on-experiences in real world productions.

Workshops and other educational activities where learning opportunities are only limited by the individual’s appetite.

Network with other like-minded participants that share excitement for the film arts.


The Film Crafts Organization, (FCO) was started by film enthusiasts wishing to help others learn and grow. The primary goal of this organization is intended to provide free or low-cost educational opportunities to anyone interested in film arts.

OIF Started with a handful of like-minded individuals with a passion for fil-making

We are intent on opening opportunities and welcome more individuals into the independent film community so they may enrich others by bringing stories to life.


While the main focus of this group may be on filmmaking, we realize art is interconnected by nature and therefore remain proponents of all art forms.
In filmmaking, you may find set designers, musical composers, make-up artists, graphic designers, dancers/choreographers, special effects artists, and many more. We are an open community and welcome all artists.


We provide useful workshops, classes, and other educational events where people of all ages and backgrounds can join in for FREE or low cost. We join industry professionals with those wishing to learn more about the film industry.
From audio, to lighting, to music composition, to scriptwriting, set design, acting and more; a plethora of skills and craft workshops we conduct help hundreds of people each year in furthering their careers.


We co-sponsor activities with qualified parties that can help put forth events that highlight filmmakers and their creations. This allows more talent, crew, and artists to showcase their creations and share them with their peers.
Fiscal sponsorship may be provided to qualified groups and individuals for special activities and events that are in line with our mission.
The creatives can focus on creating while we help facilitate the provision of helpful environments.


Our approach is to facilitate the direct individual engagement and participation in collaborative film projects, we engage filmmakers locally. We welcome local film groups to join us in growing outward from our base in Central Florida to include filmmakers everywhere.
These affiliates are led by independent filmmaking groups sharing our vision and mission goals. Active affiliate status opens possible aid in the form of funding, awards, discounts and additional incentives provided to their community.

Here are some of the ways we provide educational resources and training aids for arts and crafts people in independent film:

  • Educational workshops.
  • A networking environment to exchange ideas and make connections
  • A collaborative environment for the Independent Filmmaker
  • News and articles of interest to Independent Filmmakers.
  • Programs that promote participation and involvement
  • Special Programs to benefit those in Independent Film Production
  • An arts-friendly community
  • Opportunities for participants to gain hands-on experience
  • Environments where knowledge can be easily shared with peers
  • Providing a platform for greater exposure to anyone interested in a career in film
  • Promoting the distribution of independent films to film festivals and other outlets