How to make a great film on a deadline
-Presented by Koura Linda

With so many elements going in to every step of creating a film, what are the key points to check when rushing a project through from development to completion?

In this workshop, we will cover how to make a great film on a deadline and give you an over-all understanding of the tent pole aspects that can help to make sure your film holds up.

From story development and pre-pro to lighting, sound and wardrobe, to color-grading an how to cut your film to a time limit. Plus much more.

The Organization of Independent Filmmakers is pleased to introduce you to our Guest Host, Koura Linda.

Koura Linda
Koura Linda

Koura is the Founder and President of Space Dream Productions, an independent film and music production company with a focus on creating true to the world of independent art: telling stories that need to be told, and creating music that needs to be heard. Space Dream Productions have moved over 60 projects, have received over 50 film festival acceptances internationally and received just under 70 award nominations and 24 awards, including “Best Animation,” “Best Drama: Short” “Best Short”, “Best Picture.”  

In her early 20s, she fell in love with the Art Department and spent the next almost decade working on set and event design, eventually getting into full production design.
Knowing that production design entails more than just a fancy set, Koura studied acting and writing and camera and lighting, working as a day-player where she could, and even going to a 3-day rigging intensive to become a certified set rigger and later working with electric, rigging lights on concert stages across LA.
When she wasn’t 50 feet in the air on a truss rig she’d helped build, she was studying design and make-up and wardrobe, eventually moving up to Art Director and then Production Designer for large private events, then music videos and TV shows and short films.
With such a strong background, it was a small leap to jump over to learning more about camera, sound, and then producing and directing, releasing Space Dream Productions’ first film in August 2016.
Recognized as a contributing artist to two Emmy Award wins through her work for open collaborative production platform, hitRECord, in August 2019, Koura was also awarded The Mico Award for Innovation, Courage, Excellence in Film in Las Vegas, for her career thus far as an Independent Filmmaker.
Space Dream Productions’ short film “Tidings” won the 2020 Miami 48 Hour Film Project and earned a slot at Filmapalooza 2021.

You can find out more about Space Dream Productions by clicking below.

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