Topics covered:

  • What a P.A. is. and what it isn’t
  • Why a P.A. is important on any film set
  • General safety on set

Presented by:

<strong>Graham Zielinski</strong>
Graham Zielinski

Graham Zielinski is a Cinematographer/ Director of Photography with a background in Event Videography. His Favorite movie of all time is Jurassic Park. Having begun acting as a kid, Graham moved to LA in 2011 to further study the acting process, it was there that Graham got his first chance to be a PA, experiencing what it was like to be a part of the crew, but after working both in front and behind the camera, Graham decided he wanted to be a part of the behind the camera process full time and enrolled in Full Sail University in 2014. Since graduating in 2016 with a BS in Film, Graham has worked a multitude of productions, been head of marketing at a talent agency, videographer at Reel Video & Stills, Cam Op on a Reality TV show and Director of Photography on over 20 films with further experience in Commercial, Corporate, and Event production, Graham is eager to teach what makes a GREAT Production Assistant.

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