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Monthly Live Screenwriting Workshops

Sessions are held in an historic building on the fourth Thursday of each month. There is no cost to attend these workshops. The building, which used to be a school, is run by Orange County, Florida; whom we are grateful to for donating the space. Located at 99 E Marks Street, Orlando, FL 32803, the… Continue Reading Monthly Live Screenwriting Workshops


Do You know the four C’s of Screenwriting?

Article Submitted by Jason D. Gregory, Writer/Producer So you want to be a screenwriter? Before you begin, ask yourself a few questions. Is it because you love what you see in films? What is it about the films? The camera angles or the directing? And what are the last scripts that you’ve read? It’s important… Continue Reading Do You know the four C’s of Screenwriting?

Quick Tips for Screenwriters in Quarantine.

An hour long workshop followed by a 30-minute Q&A session. Our first online workshop was a huge success. Thank you to Jason Gregory, who teaches screenwriting at the University of Central Florida, for having conducted this special workshop. The workshop enjoyed a “full-house”. Participation was lively and well-managed. The interactivity enabled many questions to be… Continue Reading Quick Tips for Screenwriters in Quarantine.