Let Me Entertain You

This Challenge is Closed.
Final entries may be viewed on Flixet.com


OIF has been running challenges in Orlando since 2016. Hundreds of films have been screened, viewed in large theaters by thousands. Tampa, here is an easy entry point to show your stuff!

Filmmakers, Actors and Writers, usually join forces to create an entertaining short. Here is a new challenge for those of us currently spending a lot more time at home and away from crowds.
Can you create an interesting piece BY YOURSELF?

LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU – online challenge.

Three Categories:
– Self-taped Monologue – Max run-time 2 minutes.
– Actor-Less Short – Max run-time 3 minutes.
– Short story told on screen – Max run-time 4 minutes.

You MUST work alone, this is an individual creation. You must do this at your own home. No one coming to your house or you going anywhere. Any Genre, FREE to enter. Registration required – see link below.

Actors, this is the time to shine and to control the narrative! You know what you can do best and we want to watch it. Consider appearance and interesting existing household items in the background while taping. Don;t have an expensive camera? Use your phone creatively!

Filmmakers, this is the time to test miniatures, creepy dolls, animations and other camera tricks to tell a story. Voice Overs are okay. No actors to shoot? Be creative!

Writers, do what you do best and captivate us with a new short story told on screen by YOU. You own the vision, no one can read it better than you. You don’t have to appear in the video, slide shows and voice overs are okay.
Practice what it means to directly visualize your writing without a director or actor, just you and your imagination!

Be creative. Amaze your peers.
Best of Category Certificate Awards form OIF.
Deadline – April 5, 2020

Visti your local chapter for submission details. All Challenge entries subject to the submission guidelines.