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All About Commercials

June 8, 2022

All About Commercials

Workshop Topics:

  • How commercials get created inside agencies.
  • How commercials get approved and produced.
  • How agencies pick talent.
  • Why clients are so nervous on shoot day.
  • The difference between long format and 30 seconds.
  • Q&A


This workshop is conducted by Troy Hayes

Troy Hayes, Brief Bio:

I’ve created some of the most memorable campaigns in all of advertising. My clients have trusted me with over one billion dollars of their advertising budgets. I’ve shot commercials for $4,000 and $4 million.

I’ve done everything from boring corporate videos to Super Bowl commercials. One of them was voted Top 50 of All-Time. I’ve worked on the best brands in the world. I’ve done things and gone places most people only dream of.

I created the Spuds MacKenzie campaign for Bud Light, shot free throws with Michael Jordan, made Carnival “The Fun Ships,” convinced people that they “Better Eat their Wheaties,” and created the predecessor to YouTube called WorldCam in 1995. I didn’t do these things alone. I’m blessed to work with amazingly talented people.

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