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How to Make a Great Film on a Deadline

With so many elements going in to every step of creating a film, what are the key points to check when rushing a project through from development to completion? In this workshop, we will cover how to make a great film on a deadline and give you an over-all understanding of the tent pole aspects… Continue Reading How to Make a Great Film on a Deadline

Special Effects Make-up Basics

The Following Fx/Make-up Topics were covered: Bruising Shading Cuts Bloods If you or someone you know would like to share their experience with other filmmakers and artists, please reach out to us. For Article Submissions, please visit the Submission Page. Thank you for caring and sharing! Workshop Series As part of our mission to help… Continue Reading Special Effects Make-up Basics

Actors and Directors Workshop

This Virtual Workshop was held on September 2, 2020 Breaking Down the Boundaries: Actors and Directors -presented by Marco DiGeorge (Click below for the audio archive) Note: The workshop audio archive is a partial recording of the original presentation. Marco DiGeorge has a love for teaching and the arts which has led him to the… Continue Reading Actors and Directors Workshop

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Cinematic Lighting Workshop

The Filmmaker Workshop Series This is an archived workshop page. Workshop #3 in this series. (Previous live Workshops were not recorded). Trent Duncan Trent Duncan is an award winning Filmmaker and Navy Veteran. Graduating from Valencia’s Film Program in 2002, Trent has spent many years becoming very diverse in all the fundamental aspects of filmmaking.… Continue Reading Cinematic Lighting Workshop